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Shor Cosmetics® is a state-of-the art trademark brand and the crown jewel of O.S.A. Cosmetics, an Israeli company with more than a twenty- year history of producing professional-quality cosmetics under various brands. Andrew Shor, founder and general director of O.S.A. Cosmetics, created Shor Cosmetics as his signature personal brand.

Andrew's love and gratitude for the Holy Land of Israel, and for the abundance of nature around the world, inspired him to use his background in organic chemistry to create unique natural cosmetic formulations.

They use the best that nature has to offer to make each one of us more beautiful. The Shor Cosmetics line includes the best and most innovative products developed over the course of the company's extensive production experience.

All of our products are certified by Israel's Ministry of Health, and their effectivity has been proven in clinical tests.

Our product range is diverse and caters to the needs of both men and women.

For men, our NEW PERCEPTION products are an innovative series of healthy and highly effective skin care formulations which are targeted to men's unique skin care needs. Meanwhile, for women, our AGE REBEL collection is a line of pure, anti-aging skin care products which use natural ingredients to effectively fight the signs of aging.