Still Not Using Bust Creams? Recommended!

by Julia Pasha on December 29, 2020

Bust and décolleté area creams are in ranges of many cosmetics brands, but a lot of women still do not dare to use them. And the reasons are two: they don’t see why to do, and they are afraid to harm the breast.

Why Do I Need a Special Cream for Bust?

Many women believe that producing different creams for each part of the body is nothing more than a trick of manufacturers who want to sell more products. That is not completely untrue, and you can reduce the number of jars and tubes in your bathroom by using one universal body cream plus a few facial creams. But the breast is a specific area, and it needs special care.

The female breast consists mostly of fat tissues, and when, with aging, a woman loses subcutaneous fat, it can affect the breast dramatically. It starts sagging. You might also need a special breast cream if it tends to change in size during your monthly cycle significantly. Alternating breast enlargement and reduction result in skin shrinking.

Many of non-hormone bust creams contain kigeline, an extract that comes from the African tree Kigelia.

One African legend says that using the pulp of kigelia fruits help women to have a beautiful large breast and men to improve potency. Indeed, the women of the tribe where this legend came from had large and beautiful breast, even in their older age.

So, cosmetologists investigated the case and have proven the kigelia extract works for the breast. It improves blood circulation and has a rejuvenating effect.

Surprisingly, kigeline is effective only in particular areas, such as the breast, décolleté area, and the front parts of the shoulders. That is why it cannot be used in other creams. Numerous researches have proven the safety of the ingredient.

The Breast Is So Delicate Area, It Is Better Not to Touch It

That is completely wrong. Light massage is good for the breast, and bust cream is what you want to have to make your breast firmer.

Most concerns are related to the idea that some components can penetrate to the gland and cause hormonal changes or cancer, but it is impossible. All the ingredients are checked and safe, and they just cannot penetrate deeper than into the skin. Before that would happen, they will transform and never reach to the mammal gland.


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