How to Find a Perfect Anti-Aging Cream for Eyes

by Julia Pasha on January 19, 2021

With age, many people experience baggy skin under eyes, dark circles, and drooping eyelids. Even if the rest of the face looks youthful, eyes with crow’s feet and thin skin make the face look sad and tired. From 30 years and onwards, the everyday use of anti-aging skincare products is essential for a young, energetic look. In this article, we will advise on how to choose the best skincare for your eyes.

Choose products which fit your skin type

Generally, one should choose products that are adjacent to their skin types. So, if you have dry skin, it is better to choose moisturizing cream, and you should avoid creams that contain oil if you have oily skin. However, the skin under the eyes becomes dry with time regardless of the skin type. Therefore, creams for all skin types will work great.

Pay attention to the properties of the product

For the eyes area, several features are the most essential. First, the product should reduce inflammations which disrupt blood circulation and outflow of lymph. Next, your ideal skincare product should stimulate the production of elastin and collagen because they increase the plumpness of the skin. Consider using Shor Age Rebel Complex Balm which contains alginic acid, caffeine, and organic silicone which help to restore and moisturize the skin.

Prefer balms to creams

Sure, creams are more usual and widespread in skincare. However, balms have better properties for moisturizing the dry skin under the eyes. They do not contain water and have wax that serves as a barrier for your skin which doesn’t let the moisture out.

Search for balms with natural ingredients

Science has created many synthetic helpers that make the skin more youthful. Nowadays, everyone uses fillers, innovative complexes, and acids. Still, it’s best when such components are combined with natural, non-irritating ingredients such as extracts and oils.


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