3 Working Ways to Fight Dark Circles Under Your Eyes

by Julia Pasha on December 24, 2020

With age we sooner or later see the dark circles under the eyes appear. This unpleasant problem makes eyes look tired because it often combines with baggy appearance of the lower lid. Almost all people experience this problem, so scientists and cosmetologists strive to fight it. Luckily, there are many solutions you can try.

Get a healthy amount of sleep regularly

If you often stay up late, you can soon notice dark circles in the morning. This happens because the eyes (and eyelids) get tired and thus become thinner. Also, if you sleep less than you should, your skin becomes pale and dull overall, which makes blood vessels and dark tissues show under the skin. As the skin under the eyes is incredibly thin, this area is the first indicator of the lack of sleep. Try to get a normal amount of sleep, which may vary about 6-9 hours for different people.

Use a good anti-age cream

This is one of the easiest solutions possible. When you get older, your skin becomes thinner naturally as a part of the body’s aging process. You also can notice such signs as baggy skin below peephole, drooping eyelids, and “crows feet” in the corners of the eyes. The most recent scientific findings show that such components as Rhodiola Rosea, caffeine, alginic acids, or organic silicone can significantly benefit your skin under the eyes. Pay attention to Shor Age Rebel Eye Balm which features these and many other innovative components. The research found that there has been an increase in elasticity, lightening, vibrancy, and moisturizing of under eyes skin of people who used the cream.

Spend less time behind the screen

Surely, staring at your phone, TV, or computer screen does no good for your eyes. When you look at the screen too much, your eyes focus intensely, which causes eyestrain. The eyes feel irritated and tired, which causes blood vessels behind the skin to enlarge. That is why we often see that our skin darkens when we spend too much time online. Try to give your eyes a rest, for example, do eye relaxation exercises when you’re working, and have daily walks instead of watching TV in the evening. The three pieces of advice above are the best measures against dark circles under your eyes. Remember to sleep well, spend less time behind the screen, and of course, use a good anti-age cream for your eyes. It will support your skin, make it thicker, and more elastic, which will prevent the appearance of dark circles. Remember that simple measures that can help in youth, may not work for the aging skin, so specially designed creams are a good solution to the problem.


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